Landscape and Planting

We can help with everything, from which trees suit your site best to making sure they’re planted properly. The conventional wisdom is that you should “put a $5 tree in a $50 hole.” Getting the tree off to the right start is crucial; not too close to a boundary, not too close to electricity lines, how big will it potentially get? We have the answer to these and any other questions!

We Can Help You Decide Which Trees Suit You
Gisborne Garden Arborcare Landscaping / Planting
What to ask AborCare when helping with your planting and landscaping:

  • To beautify A well-landscaped garden done by a landscape designer enhances the beauty of your property. 
  • Great Design Your trees should be in keeping with the lifestyle of the residents of the home. Do you need shade for those summer bbqs.
  •  Lighting Will the trees growth be affected by the available light or will it block the light and winter warmth in your living area.
  • Complements Certain plants complement one another. When paired together they look wonderful and improve the look of your garden. If you’re not sure which combinations work best, hire the services of ArborCare.
  • Long lasting will your planting choices stand the test of time.  our experts will help plan for extremely wet and dry weather conditions. With the aim to create a long lasting design that is worth admiring.

We specialise in

getting it right first time.


Planting a tree is a long term investment, you don't want to wait 6 to 10 years to realise the tree you planted is never going to offer the summer shade for social gatherings that you wanted. Get it right today.


Our expertise and experience with trees can help plan and maintain your outdoor space to ensure it is a magical place to be.

Tree Removal

We can remove dangerous or unwanted trees. With our extensive range of equipment we can carry out this activity in all enviroments with care and attention to safety with no risk to your property, you or those around.

Tree & Hedge Pruning

Our arborists can determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and safety of trees.

Stump Grinding

We provide professional tree stump grinding and removal services. We provide stump grinding for both old tree stumps as well as recently cut trees.

Powerline Clearance

Any work within 4 metres or two tree lengths of powerlines, whether the lines are in a forest or in front of your home, needs to have real specialists on the job, and no one is more specialised than ArborCare.


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