Get the most out of your forest or farm with an ArborCare programme! We’ll sort it all out for you. 


For improved visibility, less winter icing and better road access. Keeping roads dry and open.


Trees Near Power Lines

We both prune these trees, or remove them if necessary especially at harvest time​.


Removal of Trees/Slash​

Make sure your waterways and bridges aren’t threatened by slash or hazardous trees.

Power Lines​

We Work Around Power Lines​

This is really specialized work and ArborCare really are the powerline specialists. Our whole team is Eastland-Network qualified, and we can clear away problem trees, open up pathways for your machinery and workers, and advise you on what steps should be taken next to keep things running smoothly.


Improve Visibility & Minimise Winter Icing

Talk to us about pruning options – crown or canopy reduction, and removal of problem branches. The more sunlight you allow in, the less icing up of areas you get and our years of arborist experience pay-off in making working areas safer to be in.


Our highly skilled team will remove trees

As recent East Coast events have proven, built-up slash can wreak havoc on roads, bridges, paddocks and more after huge storms. We can help you make a plan for such events, and put that plan into action for you, reducing slash and build-up before it becomes a problem.